Buy Yourself Flowers

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you have a significant other or not, today is a day that you should remember to show love to your friends, family, and yourself. That’s right, self-love is so important! I believe loving yourself is the first step to everything especially when you are out to find that special someone. Taking the time to care for yourself can have a major impact on your overall mood.

To kick things off, here are a few self-care things I like to do regularly:

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

And now, here are some products I like to use for when I want to treat myself! These also make great gifts 😉

Self Love List of Gift Ideas
Soma Kimono Robe
Lush Bath Bomb Twilight
Tazo Mint Tea
Soap and Glory Body Scrub
Bath and Body Works Lavender Candle

Even if you are spending time with your friends or loved ones on this day, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Remember that while it is generous to take care of others, self-love is essential. 

Check It

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Stay Stylin’


*Photography by Joslyn DeNorio