Five Facts About Me

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted on my site. Lately, I’ve been caught up in my new full-time internship and really enjoying summer by spending time with my friends and family. That being said, it’s time to get back into the grind of blogging! Instead of sharing with you my fashion tips and personal style, I thought I’d share five facts about me!

Lindsay Yates in a Colorful Top
Let’s Get to It!

#1 I am an only child. This is my go to “fun fact” about me because I feel like it isn’t as common! Whenever I tell people this they ask if I was ever lonely growing up. Of course I was! But this forced me to entertain myself, and now that I am older I am independent and comfortable being by myself.

#2 I eat peanut butter almost every day. I am obsessed! Whether I eat it on toast for breakfast, with apples or mixed in smoothies, it’s definitely a go-to snack for me! I even have a little recipe for one of my favorite breakfasts, peanut butter and banana toast. Seriously, once you try it you’ll want to make it every morning.

#3 I have a dog named Lola. We don’t know her exact breed because she is mixed, but the vet told us she is a Spaniel mix. I love going on walks with her in the morning. She is such a cuddler too!

#4 I am a planner. I get this from my dad who literally plans out our family’s entire year on a spreadsheet and sends it to us via email so we know everyone’s schedule. I am not that intense, but I definitely like planning out my days and weeks, which helps me prioritize my time.

#5 I love to travel. But who doesn’t? I have been very fortunate to travel with my family growing up, and it makes me value the time I have with them. There is so much our world has to offer, so I would definitely recommend to travel as much and as far as possible. One of my favorite trips was a Mediterranean cruise where we stopped in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey!

Blonde Woman in a Colorful Top and Denim Skirt

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Here’s the outfit from the photo’s above!

TOP: Free People

SKIRT: Charlotte Russe

SHOES: Adidas

Stay Stylin’,


Photography by Bradley Yates