Table with a few inexpensive fall decor ideas for a small apartment

Simple & Inexpensive Fall Decor Ideas for Small Apartments

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Autumn is in the air, or at least, my apartment. So when is the time to start decorating for fall? Now that I have been spending a lot more time in my apartment I am realizing the importance of decorating your space to be exactly how you want it. And with the fall season around the corner, I have been obsessed with finding cute fall decorations! There is a catch, I don’t have a huge apartment (around 600 sq. ft.). I have finite space to decorate and definitely not enough room for storage when things aren’t in season. If you’re like me, you’re probably on the hunt for those simple and inexpensive fall decor ideas to perfectly welcome the season into your small apartment.

Having limits on the stretch of your seasonal decor doesn’t mean inspiration isn’t out there. It’s the challenge that makes it fun! In this blog post, I go over some of my favorite fall decor at Target that you can pick up right now. These items should work in your small (or large) space and can be easily stored away when it’s not in season!

Target fall decor items that invite autumn into your apartment

Decorate Your Apartment

Decorative Pumpkin

Maybe you don’t have a fireplace or an entryway table to display a full-on arrangement of pumpkins and artificial leaves, but this pumpkin is small enough for a bookshelf or side table. I love natural textures like this pumpkin even in my everyday decor.

Fall Candle

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, scented fall candles are great because they look cute and make your apartment smell amazing! Not only are they inexpensive, but candles are a fall decor item that will really bring the season to life.

Artificial Hops Stem & Glass Vase

Place this artificial stem in a vase you already own or put it in this dark orange vase. Foliage is a useful way to incorporate some natural autumn decor, fit for spaces of all sizes.

Cozy Throw Blanket

I’m not the biggest fan of cheesy throw blankets and pillows, so what I love about this one is the color is beautiful but it doesn’t scream fall. You could have it on your couch any other time of the year!

Fall Mug

With all the pumpkin spice lattes, or for me matcha lattes, you’re going to be making this year why not put it in this cute fall-themed mug?

Pumpkin Waffle Maker

I love making pumpkin spice pancakes and waffles. Although they may taste like pumpkin spice, why not make them pumpkin shaped! This mini size waffle iron is great for storing away when it’s not fall.

Letter Board

This letterboard is so versatile because you can easily change the letters depending on what season it is! For example, some cute fall sayings could be “hey pumpkin”, “happy fallidays” and “autumn skies and pumpkin pies”.

Large Round Basket

This storage basket is stylish and a convenient place to store blankets and throw pillows when you aren’t using them.

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