Three Fall Outfits

3 Ways to Transition Summer Clothes Into Your Fall Outfits

I am very excited for fall this year! I’ve already pulled out my one and only fall decor item, a cute little wooden pumpkin, and have fall-scented candles in my shopping cart. While my home decor and shopping cart say one thing, the weather says another. It’s still been pretty hot here in Chicago, but that’s not stopping me from getting inspired with cute fall outfits.

As the seasons start to change you may ask yourself when to start wearing fall clothes. It’s tempting to start online shopping for new sweaters and jackets, but one thing I like to do is look at what I already have from the previous season and see how I can make it work for the next. For example, instead of packing away those summer clothes you’ve been wearing, try keeping them around for this transitional period. Here are some of my favorite summer clothes that can easily be transitioned into fall outfits.

White Jeans
Summer white jeans used on a cute fall outfit

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Last summer I wrote about my favorite white jeans for summer, but just because I bought them for summer, doesn’t mean I can’t wear them any other time of year! I like to warm-up white jeans with a neutral sweater and some printed booties. I think white jeans also create a great contrast with a black sweater and booties.

Striped T-Shirt
Using a striped shirt as part of an autumn outfit idea.

You know that striped t-shirt you constantly wore over the summer with jean shorts? Take that and add some layers! With trendy pair of denim jeans and an army green jacket, this will be a go-to outfit for you this fall. This can also work with any kind of graphic t-shirt you have.

Midi Skirt
This Brandy Melville midi skirt is the perfect piece to transition from summer to fall.

I’ve had this midi skirt for a while and it is a go-to for me in the summer. To transition this into a fall outfit, wear the skirt with a long sleeve top or cropped sweater and pair it with some white sneakers or boots. Add a jacket if it’s colder out. Midi skirts are so comfortable, so this look also makes a great work-from-home outfit.

Compliment that midi skirt with a denim jacket for those extra chilly autumn days

Fall is a great time to get creative with your outfits, especially when it gets cooler out. What summer clothing items are you going to keep around as we transition into the fall season? Let me know in the comments!