Styling White Jeans for Summer

After a long break of blogging, (I blame finishing undergrad for this) I am back and going to be writing more posts! This is all about the one thing you need to freshen up your wardrobe this summer, white jeans! I have always wanted white jeans and considered buying them many times. The reason why I hesitated to buy them was that I thought they were tricky to style and tricky to wear (aka trying to plan it around that time of the month). However, this week I wore them three times, so it’s safe to say they are one of my new staples! They add a fresh and bright take to your outfit as opposed to wearing regular denim.

Blonde Woman Supporting White Jeans in front of a Rainbow Wall Mural in Chicago, IL
What Makes Perfect Jeans?

Let’s talk about the perfect pair of white jeans. Perfect is different for everyone so you do you. That’s what makes our individual styles unique anyways! For me, a perfect pair of white jeans have to be non-see-through. I have been a fan of Madewell jeans for a while now and when I bought my first pair of blue denim, I was hooked! Although they can be pricey, Madewell jeans are so worth it because they are figure-flattering and beyond comfortable! With that in mind, I made a stop into Nordstrom Rack recently and saw these! Instantly, I knew they had to go home with me. The two qualities that make this pair great are one, they’re non-see-through, and two, they have the perfect amount of stretch.

Woman in white jeans in front of a Rainbow Wall Mural in Chicago, IL

The image above captures a go-to summer white jeans outfit for me: tank top, light denim jacket, and some white sneakers. Those elements make it so easy to throw on and head out the door!

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